Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some works in progress.

School is out for a while, so besides making future-rent-money I'll be working on some personal projects.
Here's what I've got going so far... both are digital pieces:

 (click to enlarge)

Thanks for looking, comments and critiques would be much appreciated!


  1. Nice design on the scooter man. Maybe when you have some time you can work on the cast shadow. Perhaps a bit more subtle or make the edges a little softer. Just putting some input, i hope you don't mind?

  2. I love the portrait of the woman. Beautiful.

  3. Thanks guys

    @Kike: haha of course I don't mind, critique is good! It definitely needs a lot of work, I've been going too much into detail and not working on the piece as a whole.. neglecting things like the cast shadow and stuff. Will prolly work on it some more tonight