Friday, November 26, 2010

Finals WIP - little bit of process

I'm working on an illustration for school, and here's what I've got so far. I plan on using this as a back (lol) cover for a comic I'm putting together.

After doing some thumbnail sketches in photoshop, I settled on this one. It had a creepy and somewhat depressing feel to it that I thought was appropriate for the main character of the comic. Plus I've been obsessed with drawing trees lately.

 Then I did a pencil drawing after putting some reference together. I still hate the way I draw pants and shoes, always the same.
 Finally (today) I started on a value study with simple warm-light/cool-shadow. This is the work in process. I don't like the background trees I've painted on the left side, so I'll probably mess with them. The dude's face is also very sloppy right now. I haven't developed a style when it comes to drawing characters so I'm undecided on how I actually want the alcoholic dude to turn out.
Anyways, thanks for looking.


  1. Hey abel. : ) Looking good! I favourite part about it how th character sort of continues the tree compositionally speaking. I would ry to define the BG a bit more. Maybe some branches instead of the simple pillars as it is now?

    Anyways, keep it up. Excited to see the comic and this piece being finished. : )

  2. Great work Abhi, very cool, keep up the good work.