Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aunty portrait numero tres, India pictures, and some contemplating

I'm satisfied enough to call this one done... for now. Something doesn't feel right, but I'm not so sure what that is. Maybe you can help me.



  1. This one helped me out today...

    'Dont get entangled with what you long for or dislike. Not seeing what you long for is suffering, so also, is seeing what you dislike'

    - The Dhammapada

  2. First and foremost nice portrait. I'm not sure if there's something off anatomically, but what i think is that maybe there's a tangency with the top of her head, and the pattern in the back. Perhaps flip it upside down, or 180. When you get back we'll talk in person. You have to come over for dinner brother. Take care of yourself out there, and enjoy your time as much as possible. Enjoy your roots, and the sun.